🌸 Soft Pink Favorites 🌸

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I have a very exciting project I am working on for next week. I will be reviewing some products from my favorite cosmetics line and I am really excited about it! You guys will be able to read all about it very soon 🙂

In the meantime, I am going to be talking about my favorites from this month, which are things I am planning on using in the future as well!

~ Pink: Warm & Cozy ~


This body mist isn’t just this months favorite, but it has always been one of my favorites. I remember using this body mist since freshman year of high school. I recently went to Pink and found this again! I’m honestly so happy that they still carry this, however, I’m not surprised because this is a customer favorite as well. If any of you guys remember the old design for this body mist, then you know they’ve changed their look for packaging. I love it because it’s pastel, and that is my favorite shade of pink!

~ OPI Nail Polish in “Sweet Heart” ~


I’m actually not a huge nail polish wearer, but, again, this is my favorite shade of pink. Some people call it baby pink, soft pink, or even pale pink. I have been wearing this all month and it matches most of my outfits. I’m glad because I really don’t like it when my nail polish doesn’t match my outfits!

~ Forever 21: Pink Chokers ~

Okay, so first over all F21 is my favorite clothing store. I don’t really know if I should keep mentioning that. By now if you’ve been keeping up with my posts you already know how much I adore this store and go there whenever I go to the mall.

These chokers I wear often because they match my outfits (obviously) and I think chokers can really make an outfit. They were on sale for a dollar each a few weeks ago, and there was a buy one get one free deal going on. Long story short, I ended getting a lot more, but they’re not pink so they’re not being featured today!

~ Pink Bows and a Scrunchy ~


I don’t remember where these were actually from because the bows were a gift. They were either from Icing, F21, or Charlotte Ruse. The scrunchy I got from Charlotte Ruse  and it came with three other colors. I don’t wear the scrunchies that often, but I find myself wearing the bows quite a lot!


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My Grandmother’s Vintage Jewelry

~ The Story Behind the Jewelry ~

When my grandmother passed away my siblings and I got to have some of her jewelry. I got most of it because I am all about vintage items. I only have a few pieces of jewelry I took with me to campus because I didn’t want to take too much only to lose track of them. When I get back home I will try to find the rest of them to show you guys.

These pieces of jewelry aren’t only beautiful, but they mean a lot to me and remind me of my grandmother who I dearly miss…

~ The Mysterious Ring ~

The first piece is a ring, and it is pretty beat up. I mean it has been on this earth for a while so I completely understand. I wear this occasionally because it’s so beautiful even with the cosmetic wear. Also, it’s really like the only ring I have.



~ Sarah Coventry Contessa Bracelet ~

This bracelet is suppose to go with a whole set. It’s from the Sarah Coventry “Contessa” Collection. I looked up on google what it’s suppose to go with and it was very hard to find. However, I did manage to find the set and it’s meant to go with this beautiful broach and a pair of matching earrings. I am very tempted to buy the whole set!



Finding Your Style

~ How I found my style ~

(I hope you’re having a great Wednesday!)

Finding your style can be very difficult; I know it was for me. When I was younger I didn’t have a specific style. All I did was go to Walmart or Kohls and I went through racks of clothes and chose random shirts. They were random graphic shirts, for example, it had an image of a cat on it because I like animals. It was extremely random and that lead to my closet looking like a complete disaster.

I also never really followed the trends that were happening because I thought that I had my own style and I really liked it (ha ha). High school came around and I was more interested in fashion and I started to shop more and look at magazines. Looking back I was not very fashionable, but I believed I was. I honestly never knew exactly what I liked except for the fact that I love the color pink. I didn’t really develop my style until I graduated high school.  I believe it started when I started Tumblr… and then I found my aesthetic. The minute I found out about that type of style I fell in love with it and I knew it was for me.

Look at my Tumblr to see what I mean!


~ How to find your style ~

To find your style you should go on sites like Tumblr or Pintrest and look for types of styles that speak to you. These are both great places to get an idea of things you might like to wear.

However, the perfect place to find you style is Polyvore! This site is actually made for you to find your specific style and find other peoples’ style as well if it is similar to yours.


~ My Polyvore Creations ~

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school in pink

School in Pink


Dusty Pink.PNG

Dusty Pink



🌼 Vintage Floral 🌼

~ Happy Monday ~

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Source: -x- / (Not Sponsored)

This is a vintage floral patterned dress from Comyu. I really like this outfit because it’s reminding me of Spring, and how much I want the snow to go away. This outfit makes me excited for the warm and beautiful weather so I can start wearing skirts and dresses.

~ Site Description ~

(This was translated because the site was in Japanese)


These are old clothes. 
Although, there is no damage in particular, 
please note that there is a feeling of used unique to old clothes. 

Europe imported vintage flower pattern tyrol skirt. 

Fresh and gentle flower pattern is adult pretty, 
it is soft touch with rayon blend. 

Waist side fastener, button with back cloth 

Viscose 50% 
Baumwolle 35% 
Linen 15% 

Size: 44 about XL 

Length: 70 cm 
Waist width: 39 cm 

Col: Off White / Yellow




Altar’d State ~ “A’Beautiful Soul”

My Thoughts


This week I went on a field trip for my visual presentation class to a clothing store called Altar’d State. We got a tour of the closest store near us. To be honest, I’ve never heard of the store and I felt really dumb when everyone else knew about it except for me.

This clothing store is Christian based which is part of the reason I like it so much. The minute I walked into the Altar’d State I could feel this peaceful vibe, especially with the calm music playing in the background. There also was a scent in the air that was very tropical to me and they called that their signature scent. 

The best part, of course, was the clothing and how it reminded me of Francesca’s. I could already tell that it was going to be one of my top stores because it was definitely my style.

I also wanted to mention the displays and how they present their product in all of their stores. It sort of has a home-like feel to it with all of the chairs and pillows.






I cannot forget about the dressing rooms. Altar’d State has one of the best dressing rooms I’ve ever seen. They are probably the only ones that have the right idea. Look how beautiful the dressing room area is. They have a big mirror, couches, and decorations that are very pleasant to the eye.


I had a lot of fun on that field trip to Altar’d State and I plan going back to actually buy stuff this time! I’m curious to know if any of you guys have been or heard of Altar’d State!

~ All images were taken by me ~